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G7 adopt UN Ocean Decade Navigation Plan

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The G7 Climate and Environment Ministers and European Commission adopted the G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan at the Ministerial, which was held virtually from 20 to 21 May 2021. The Navigation Plan marks the beginning of the G7’s commitment to and support for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) (UN Ocean Decade). It also establishes a framework through which the G7 will collaborate and advance their collective work on ocean science, ocean observing and ocean action throughout the UN Ocean Decade.

The G7 will work together to develop and support specific Ocean Decade actions, convening regularly to discuss the implementation of the Navigation Plan and further collaboration. Working closely with IOC-UNESCO, the G7 will engage globally and regionally to support the Ocean Decade societal outcomes.

The G7 Ministers and European Commission welcome and fully support the ongoing work of the Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative (FSOI) and has endorsed the FSOI’s high-level 2021 work plan, which directly supports the G7’s ambitions on ocean science and capacity development for the UN Ocean Decade. Under the G7 UK Presidency, the G7 will work to advance three areas of the FSOI in support of the Ocean Decade outcomes for a “predicted”, “accessible” and “inspiring and engaging” ocean:

  1. Ocean Indicators: To advance scoping activities and facilitate coordination between IOC-UNESCO, and other stakeholders, to evaluate current indicator frameworks, identify ocean information knowledge gaps and work towards solutions to enhance global scientific ocean monitoring and reporting, including supplementing existing frameworks as appropriate.
  2. Digital Twin Ocean: To bring together G7 digital ocean initiatives, including their relationship to wider digital earth initiatives, and share best practices. A ‘digital twin’ ocean will transform the way we study the ocean, enhance scientific knowledge, and provide a key tool for policy and decision-making.
  3. Net Zero Oceanographic Capability: Sharing best practices from G7 national initiatives for net zero carbon emissions from research infrastructure. By transforming oceanographic capability to a low-carbon system, we can identify new ways to collect and share information throughout the UN Ocean Decade and beyond.

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