G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Initiative

Ocean Observing System Report Card 2021

Ocean Observing Report card 2021

The GOOS Observations Coordination Group has just released the Ocean Observing System Report Card for 2021.

This annual report provides a key insight into the status of the Global Ocean Observing System, assessing observing networks’ progress, focusing on what is needed to meet the challenges and demands for ocean information, and encouraging collaborations and new partners to join the ocean observing community.

The 2021 Report focuses on several key areas:

  • impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on ocean observation activities and the remarkable effort of the international community to continue observing operations under pandemic restrictions
  • monitoring ocean oxygen and deoxygenation – vital to ocean health and marine resources
  • closing gaps in ocean observing through focused cooperation and new technology
  • status of the global ocean observing system and how we can meet key demands for ocean information

The G7 FSOI is working closely with GOOS on common priority areas for observing system evolution, including fostering agreements on priorities for coordinated investment, catalysing and facilitating authoritative scientific underpinning, providing leadership for leading-edge science and technology efforts, and fostering governance and policy agreements between G7 countries.