G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Initiative

Summary Report from G7 FSOI Working Group Meeting 2021

The G7 FSOI Coordination Centre has published a summary report from the 2021 Working Group meeting that took place online from 28 to 30 June. The report outlines the major actions to be taken forward jointly by the G7 countries and the European Union to enhance global ocean observations.  

During the meeting, the FSOI Working Group reviewed the ocean outcomes from the UK G7 Presidency Summit, including ocean actions outlined in the Climate and Environment Ministerial Communique, the G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan, and the G7 FSOI work plan.

To take the G7 FSOI work plan forward, the Working Group approved the development of four Resource Strategy Groups bringing together government representatives and scientific experts from the global ocean observing community. These groups will identify joint priorities for coordinated investment and implementation focusing on the Biogeochemical Argo Array, Governance, Funding and Coordination Structures, Net Zero Ocean Capabilities, and Digital Twin Ocean Capabilities.

The G7 FSOI Working Group also approved targeted support to the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) Expert Panels via the G7 FSOI Coordination Centre to accelerate the development of observing network plans for G7 priorities and to facilitate the transition of these strategic plans into international mission teams. Support will be focused on a Global Ocean Indicator Framework, A Surface Ocean CO2 Monitoring Network, Augmented Observing and Forecasting Capacity for Marine Life, and the Observing System Evaluation Framework.

As part of the UK G7 Presidency, meetings will be held in 2021 to initiate the three Spotlight Activities of the G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan: Indicators, Net Zero Ocean Capabilities, and Digital Twin Ocean Capabilities.

To download the G7 FSOI Working Group 2021 meeting summary report, click here.

For more information, visit www.g7fsoi.org/activities or contact the FSOI Coordination Centre.