G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Initiative

Data sharing infrastructure

Promote the improvement of global data sharing infrastructure to address the challenges of physical, chemical and biological data.

Providing leadership for leading-edge science and technology efforts.

Activity 2021 – 2022

Review existing elements and priority needs for a framework of global ocean indicators that provide science-based tools for understanding global ocean changes and interactions with the Earth system; review the compatibility between national and regional indicators essential for developing a coherent global perspective.

The G7 FSOI Coordination Centre will provide support to the GOOS Expert Panels working in collaboration with other international partners to develop an internationally agreed comprehensive set of ocean indicators derived from Essential Ocean Variables to characterize physical, biogeochemical, or ecosystem processes that are essential for understanding the ocean’s role in the Earth system, including interactions with the climate, the biosphere, the cryosphere, the atmosphere, land, and the human dimension.

An initial international workshop will be held to:

  • Develop a list of characteristics and criteria for ocean indicators.
  • Provide topical classifications for the global ocean indicators framework.
  • Define a targeted set of ocean indicators, their definitions, criteria, and application.
  • Identify existing indicators that could contribute to this global framework; identify needs for harmonization and standardization.
  • Synthesize and promote the framework concept through a high-level publication.

Lead Coordination Centre Offices: EU & UK