G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Initiative

Emerging Issues / New Frontiers Topics 2023

These topics are chosen by the Members, with priority given to the Member holding the G7 presidency, to discuss new frontiers and emerging issues in ocean science.

For 2023, Japan has proposed an emerging issue focusing on Arctic Ocean Observation capability.

Objectives: Increase G7 activities to enhance in-situ observation and data sharing in the polar regions, which are data-sparse regions with few oceanographic observations. As an observation approach to complement the OneArgo programme, the G7 FSOI promotes augmenting observations using ships, including Arctic research vessels, as well as developing human resources for polar observing.

Proposed Activity: At the next Working Group meeting, the G7 FSOI will invite relevant international Arctic groups and G7experts to review implementation status, gaps, and national commitments and make recommendations on the way forward. This Work Plan will also explore the opportunities to promote Arctic research vessels as international platforms that will contribute to the enhancement of the integrated observation network of the Arctic, with the cooperation of the G7 countries, to address the ocean-climate-biodiversity nexus.

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