G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Initiative

Intersessional Activities for 2023

The following activities have been approved as G7 FSOI activities for 2023:

G7 FSOI co-sponsorship of the Integrated Ocean Carbon Research (IOC-R) workshop (3-5 May, European Commission, Brussels) to synthesize information on new and existing ocean carbon projects, programmes and initiatives both within and outside of the Ocean Decade, to discuss knowledge gaps and emerging ocean carbon issues, to revise the IOC-R Review and Vision document, and to establish an Ocean Decade Community of Practice focusing on ocean carbon. The IOC-R working group is co-sponsored by the IOC, the SCOR-IOC International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (also serves as the GOOS biogeochemistry panel), the Global Carbon Project, WCRP, CLIVAR, SOLAS, and IMBeR. 

G7 FSOI co-organisation of an international workshop on Marine Life Observing and Forecasting in collaboration with the GOOS Bio/Eco panel, titled: “Towards a global marine plankton observing network: development of a strategy and implementation plan.” The workshop will focus on identifying ways to better connect large-scale ocean surface observation with the under-surface fast-developing observation capacities to advance knowledge on ecological processes and confidence in forecasting, as well as, actions to advance FAIR data and the interoperability of plankton dataspaces.

G7 FSOI co-sponsorship of an international workshop on Global Ocean Indicators for sustainable development.

Building on the work of the GOOS Indicators Task Team to define the criteria for global ocean indicators in physics, biogeochemistry, and biology / ecosystems, the workshop will examine evolving requirements for ocean indicators for sustainable development and decision-making tools such as digital twins of the ocean by exploring how to integrate social and economic data with environmental data needed for decision-making.

Intersessional Support to Establish the Ocean Decade Digital Twin of the Ocean (DITTO) Programme

The UK has kindly offered intersessional support to establish the Ocean Decade Digital Twin of the Ocean (DITTO) Programme by providing temporary boost to the DITTO Programme to establish governance and technical framework. This activity does not need engagement from other G7 Members but will be an important activity to ensure that a framework is in place for the G7 to engage in/respond to. The Leads of the DTO topic may wish to consider where to target G7 effort in DITTO in the future given the strong interests in this topic.

G7 FSOI Think Tank on Research Infrastructure Sharing  

This activity will explore ways to strengthen and expand ocean observing capacity and reduce the carbon footprint of ocean observing infrastructures through increased cooperation and sharing of research infrastructures. An international group of experts will review barriers to sharing, opportunities for improved collaboration, best practices, and recommendations, focusing on issues such as:

  • Examining the ways and means of improving planning and logistics coordination such as research cruise planning, sharing ship time and space, mooring use and maintenance, and international collaborations for deployments of autonomous instruments. 
  • Exploring technical aspects of infrastructure sharing such as development of interoperable or standard modular sensors and platforms, and the development and sharing of new low-cost sensors.
  • Exploring legal and administrative barriers to research infrastructure sharing such as the transfer of funds between partners for maintenance and servicing, insurance liabilities that prevent mutual assistance (including deployment of Argo floats), ways to enhance bartering agreements among G7 partners, and recommendations for modernizing and harmonizing UNCLOS Marine Scientific Research request applications and procedures across the G7 countries and the EU.

See the categories of topics of the new work plan for 2023