G7 Future of Seas and Oceans Initiative

G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan Workshop


The workshop will take place virtually, hosted by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to discuss: possible cooperative structures for the G7 to use to implement the G7 Ocean Decade Navigation Plan and contribute to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, best practice regarding international collaboration with a...

Engaging early career ocean professionals in the UN Ocean Decade 


Online workshop to learn more about global ocean activities and involvement opportunities for Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPS) in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021 - 2030). This event is organised by the UK Government, IOC-UNESCO and the ECOP Programme. For agenda and more information, click here. Useful links G7 FSOI...

Net Zero Oceanographic Capability Virtual Webinar


This webinar aims to share learning outcomes of the UK Net Zero Oceanographic Capability (NZOC) project and explore opportunities for international collaboration, including through relevant international initiatives such as the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO) and the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas. During...

International Digital Twins of the Ocean Summit 2022

Building on the outcomes of the UK G7 Presidency 2021, the UK Government will host an International Digital Twins of the Ocean Summit in London, led by the Digital Twins of the Ocean (DITTO) programme of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, with support from the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative (G7 FSOI). The Summit...

UN Ocean Conference 2022: Ocean and Coastal Observation and Monitoring at scale

Altice Arena, Side Event Room 2 Lisbon, Portugal

The G7 FSOI,  UNEP, IOC-UNESCO, and GOOS are hosting an official side event at the UN Ocean Conference 2022 to emphasize the importance of partnerships and easily accessible and relevant data for coastal and marine resource management, policy setting and decision-making.

GOOS Dialogues with Industry


Through a series of moderated discussions, Dialogues with Industry will aim to dismantle barriers and highlight opportunities towards achieving a mature, vibrant ocean observing enterprise.

G7 FSOI Working Group Meeting 2022

Berlin, Germany

The G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative (FSOI) will hold its next working group meeting in Berlin from 29 to 30 November 2022. The first day will discuss the ocean-climate climate biodiversity nexus with sessions on progress and new findings related to Digital Twins of the Ocean, new frontiers of ocean observation and...

IOC UNESCO Integrated Ocean Carbon Research Workshop

Brussels, Belgium

The IOC UNESCO working group Integrated Ocean Carbon Research (IOC-R) workshop will take place from 3 to 5 May 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop is co-sponsored by IOC UNESCO, the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative, Ocean Decade Programme Ocean Negative Carbon Emission (ONCE) and hosted by the European Commission and its...

G7 Science and Technology Ministerial 2023

Sendai , Japan

The G7 Science and Technology Ministers' Meeting will take place from 12 to 14 May 2023 in Sendai, Japan. Topics of discussion will include, strengthening scientific and technological cooperation to solve global issues (such as environmental, food, and energy problems), including ocean actions and committments. For more information visit the meeting website: https://en.g7sendai.jp/

32nd session of the IOC Assembly

Paris, France

A traditional part of the Assemblies of the IOC UNESCO is the Ocean Science Day, which brings together panels, lectures and discussions on emerging issues that require international collaboration in marine science and technology.

Arctic Science Summit Week 2024

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) is organised annually by the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) to provide opportunities for coordination, cooperation and collaboration between the various scientific organisations involved in Arctic research. It was initiated by the IASC in 1999 and has evolved into the most important annual gathering of the Arctic research organisation. For more information,...